Last updated: March, 02nd , 2002


SOON, this website will become A-haBrazil.Com and the new address will be:


New A-ha single "Forever not yours" will be released in Brazil on April, 2 and the CD "Lifelines" will be released on April,29.

Morten Mags and Paul keep making sucess in Brazil, because their musics are on the radio stations, their new CD are in the shops and on the street and their LPs are still sold by especiality shops! (06/01/2002)

Last friday, July, 27th, the film "One night at Mc Cool's" wich has "Velvet" in soundtrack, was realiesed in Brazil. This realese is the most important of the week, it's what say the newspapers.

With this, all Brazilians are waiting that the a-ha success will keep on in this country. After all,the band won the Gold Album for Minor Earth Major Sky!

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